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Stainless Steel Zip Tie Locking Tool

Stainless Steel Zip Tie Locking Tool

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Prosport Locking Tie Tool

The Prosport Locking Tie Tool makes it easy to tighten stainless steel locking ties. Stainless steel locking ties are commonly used in many different applications. These ties are included in our Heat wrap. This is an effective tool to save time tightening these ties without much hassle resulting in a professional look.

Simply slide the tool on the end of any ¼ nut driver, engage the tie, and twist. Makes working in tight spaces much easier. This specialty tool works with all popular styles of stainless ties - up to ½ wide.

  • Tightens Stainless Steel Locking Ties
  • Works Great In Tight Spaces
  • Provides A Clean, Professional Result

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