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Premium Halo Series Red/White/Blue 2-1/16"

Halo Series

52mm (2 1/16") Stepper Motor driven 270° LED Display

Tinted lens (blacked out when off.)
All Halo Series gauges can display 3 colors (Amber, White & Blue). Building upon our Premium series these gauges take it one step further to provide fully programmable peak recall and warning feature all within the gauge (excluding AFR wideband gauge). You are in control to set the warning limits where you want and have the gauge either flash or beep (Audible) or both when the gauge exceeds your pre-set limits. These gauges incorporate a red Halo ring to enhance the look with a new redesigned peak light.

All Halo gauges perform both a start up and shut down ceremony and are blacked out when off.

The Halo series gauges are fully dimmable with 6 stages of dimming in both day and night operation modes. All programming is done with the touch pad.

Remember no controller is needed, everything is built right into the gauge. Wire up the first gauge for power/ground and simply daisy chain any additional gauges using the supplied daisy chain harness (excluding AFR wideband gauge). Less wires means less work for a faster install.