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Crystal Series Blue/White 2-1/16"

(Peak Recall/Warning)
Amber/White display (black when off)
Blue halo ring
52mm (2 1/16")
Hand polished Aluminum bezel

Crystal Blue Series gauges feature a fully programmable warning feature and Peak recall built directly into the gauge! No controller needed, nothing else to buy!

Stepper Motor driven 270° LED display
6 stages of dimming for day and 6 for night.
New upgraded senders
Mute audible alarm
Clear lens and bright LED's provide quick one glance accuracy
Pointer sweep/opening ceremony self check upon start up
Daisy chain power link system (only wire the first gauge up for power and ground and link each additional gauge with included daisy wires
Senders included with each gauge(nothing else to buy)
Thin design -Only 1.25" mounting depth required
Amber and White LED display, Blue halo ring
Sleek design