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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between the gauges?
A: Premium, JDM, Supreme, Crystal Blue, Premium EVO, Halo are all considered "Premium gauges" and they have peak / warning functions with plug and play harnesses for power (daisy chain one gauge to the next for powering multiple gauges in a row) and an 8ft long plug and play harnesses for the senders. The fuel and oil pressure use a smaller, 5v waterproof sender which is very stout (opposed to a resistance type sender) The Supreme, Crystal Blue, JDM and Premium EVO include waterproof boost senders. All of these gauges also include mounting cups.

Performance, Digital and EVO series are considered "Performance gauges" and they use one single 5 wire harness which is 2ft. long that you extend yourself for power, ground and signal with a spool of wire and solder. A "U" bracket is included for mounting into a panel hole.

Q: I live in another country how can I order gauges?
A: We now have international shipping rates in the checkout procedure. You can order gauges directly off this site for any country and special rates for Canada.  Simply choose USPS- International as your shipping method or USPS- Canada for orders to Canada.

Q: Do you have gauges in Metric scale –Bar & Celsius)
A: Yes, we now carry them in Premium Series Amber/White and EVO Series Blue/Red

Q: What is the difference between electric boost and mechanical boost?
A: An electric boost gauge uses a remote mounted boost sensor (included with all of our electric boost gauges) to convert the pressure into an electronic signal so that wire (not tubing) can be run through the firewall and up to the back of the gauge.  This is helpful if you have sharp turns or tight clearance behind the gauge that could kink the tubing.  Keep in mind the Mechanical boost does not perform the opening ceremony. 

Q: What method do you ship?
A: We typically ship USPS, FedEx, or UPS for all of the U.S orders.  We also use USPS for all international orders. If you need your order shipped within a specific time frame, like Next day air, please give us a call or email for a quote.

Q: How long after I order do you ship?
A: If the item is in stock we ship the same day on orders placed before 12 noon EST. We make every effort to ship every order the same day. In rare cases due to unforeseen events, (e.g. extreme weather, shipping company delays, etc.), these shipment times may be delayed.

Q: Can I get next day or 2 day shipping?
A: Yes, but you must call in your order. We use UPS for this so be prepared for a steep shipping quote.  Keep in mind that USPS Priority only takes about 2 days for any address East of the Mississippi. Any address West of the Mississippi takes three days.

Q: Your prices are so low, how do you do it?
A: We have been making gauges and gauge component parts for over 40 years to the automotive OEM market.  All gauges cost about the same to make, the reason prices vary so much is branding.  Advertising and sponsorship's cost hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars.  That expense is then added to the price of the gauge.  The Prosport brand was introduced with almost no advertising or promotional ad dollars. This savings was then passed on to the consumer.To this day we rely heavily on word of mouth advertising. So If you like our gauges and want to keep the price low spread the word any way you can.

Q: My Gauge does not work-the needle stays pegged?
A: 99% of the time this is because the gauge is not fully hooked up. Meaning, the sender needs to be installed and powered up for the gauge to work properly. If you have a premium series gauge, make sure the sensor harness is pushed in all the way in the back of the gauge. You may need a pick or small flat head screw driver to give the connection a good push. If you have a performance series gauge and the Gauge is pegged at full scale that usually means the sender is not getting a good ground. Check to make sure the connections are good and the wires have not been compromised.  If the gauge is pegged at 0 or full bottom scale that could the sender does not have a good 12v power supply. If the pointer slowly rises until it pegs out that means that the output signal wire is not connected.
Q: My Electronic boost gauge is not reading 0 with the key on, engine off. Can I calibrate the gauge?
A: Yes, looking at the back of the gauge at the 3 o'clock position (right side) there is a hole in which you can insert a 2mm allen key. Just turn it in either direction until your gauge reads 0. (Excluding clear lens performance series)
Q: My Performance Series Electric Boost gauge does not come on at all?
A: This gauge uses a specific wiring harness and more than likely you have inadvertently swapped harnesses with another gauge. The wiring harness color order for the electric boost gauge is: white, orange, red, black & green


Q: I have Premium Series Gauges with Warning and Peak recall, how do I silence the warning beep?
A: Simple- Push and hold the button-Turn on the ignition-wait for the ceremony to finish- release button. 

Q: OK, I tried that but each time I turn the car off/on it comes back?
A: You do not have the Red wire connect to 12v CONSTANT power. That is what holds memory.  White and orange wires go to ignition/accessory power or headlight switch depending on the lighting result you want.

Q: How do I set the warning levels on my Premium Series Gauges?
A: To reset the memory: Push and hold the button until the pointer begins to flash. Release button. Then while the pointer is still flashing (set mode) push the button and hold it to move the pointer fast or each time you push the button the pointer will move in small increments to the exact point where you want to set it.  After you have the pointer where you want to set your warning level just wait about 6 seconds and the pointer will stop flashing and retain that point as your new warning level. If you pass the point you wanted to set the level at-just keep going and once it reaches the end of the scale it will begin to come back.

Q: Each time I start my car I need to reset my Warning levels on my Premium Gauges or turn off my beep again?
A: The gauge is wired wrong. The Red wire needs to connected to 12v Constant.

Q: Can I wire multiple gauges to the same power and ground source?
A: Yes-each gauge draws about 1 ma.

Q: Can I mix Premium Series gauges with Performance Series Gauges?
A: Yes. Keep in mind they need to be wired separately as the wiring is different.  The two light up the same colors, but have different bezel profiles and slightly different bezel color.

Q: Do you sell them with different color bezels?
A: No. Any pictures that you may see of them with different color bezels were painted by the customer (simple to do).

Q: How long is the warranty?
A: All of our products have a 1-year warranty.

Q: What if I bought them from a distributor, do I need to go through them for warranty?
A: Typically yes, but if you have any questions/problems be sure to advise us where and when you bought your products.

Q: I lost my instructions how do I wire my gauge?
A: View our instructions page: Click Here

Q: Can I use Premium Senders with Performance gauges?
A: No. They are not matched

Q:What is this extra 3 wire data logging cable in my wideband kit, do I need it? A: It is an optional harness that you can use to data log your ECU from your PC. This kit has a 1v and a 5v analog output. If you do not plan on data logging, leave it tied off or disconnected.