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3 3/4" Tachometer with built in shift light

3 3/4" Tachometer with built in shift light

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The 3 3/4" size is quickly becoming the industry standard for the perfect size tachometer for all but extreme conditions. Air core movement ensures accuracy under racing conditions.

0-10,000 RPM Range & fully programmable tach with Built in Shift Light!

With its pinpoint accuracy and Amber LED color this gauge is a sweet deal!

(Includes Mounting Hardware and Instructions)

*Note: this is an electronic tachometer and thus requires a square wave electronic signal. Your vehicle may require a tach converter if it does not have a 12v square wave output from the ECU (older vehicles) This Tach is designed for use with 2/3/4/5/6/7/8 cylinder gasoline engines.

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