2-3/8" Amber/White Premium Tachometer

2-3/8" Amber/White Premium Tachometer

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60 mm Amber/White display with 270 degree full sweep.

Fully programmable warning function as well as peak recall and only 1.25" deep.

Set the warning feature to flash deep red at your designated shift point and use this gauge as a shift light.

0-10,000 RPM's Includes: Mounting Cup, Visor, quick connect pigtail wiring, Decal and Instructions)

Be sure to check out our external warning (Shift) light for only $20
*Note: this is an electronic tachometer and thus requires a square wave electronic signal. Your vehicle may require a tach converter if it does not have a 12v square wave output from the ECU (older vehicles) This Tach is designed for use with 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 cylinder gasoline engines.

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