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2-1/16" Halo Boost Gauge
2-1/16" Halo Boost Gauge

2-1/16" Halo Boost Gauge

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Installation instructions

This Halo Electrical Boost Gauge will perform a pointer sweep/self check on start-up & shut down!

If your vehicle is supercharged or turbocharged then this gauge is simply a must have. For peak performance you need to know how much boost you are making at maximum RPM's.

Now you can track your peak boost as you modify your ride!

Save your Turbo-Set the warning function to alert you when you over boost!! Set the warning level anywhere you like and if you exceed it the gauge will beep , flash or both.

Enjoy 6 stages of dimming on both day and night operation modes.

(-30~30 PSI)

Includes Mounting Cup, PVC Tubing kit, T-Adapter, Electric Sender, quick connect pigtail wiring, Visor, Decal and Instructions.

*This Halo Boost gauge is adjustable for altitude compensation*

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