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Performance Series Amber/White 2-3/8"

60mm Performance Series Gauges

Amber/White Series 60mm gauges are now here!

Do you drive like this? Then you can't waste time trying to figure out what your gauges are reading.

60mm Gauges are big and easy to read.

Now you can have the best of both worlds!! Prosport continues to lead the way with it's innovation-Our 60mm gauges will fit into 52mm pods (2 1/16"). We have designed our 60mm gauges with a stepped case so it will fit both 60mm and 52mm holes!!

This one gauge can display either Amber or Super White. The 270° dial sweep provides quick, one glance accuracy. Track tested and race proven, these gauges use precision electric senders to keep hazardous fluids out of the passenger compartment.

Our Amber/White series gauges are designed so that you can display one color during the day and the other color at night.

All Electric Gauges perform a dramatic opening ceremony with a full pointer sweep and self check each time the vehicle is started. *Mechanical Boost gauges DO NOT perform the opening ceremony.*

"I would just like you guys to know that your gauges are great. I got the white/green face oil pressure gauge. I have it set on white at all times and the display is extremely clear during the day and not overpowering at night. I just wanted to commend you guys for a great product at an unbeatable price. Thank you."